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I believe that cultural goods and creations are the most precious thing Human Kind has. It touches our hearts and souls and lifts us up. It is the most sensitive and concrete way to generate real change and create a better world. 

In addition to helping others realize their projects, I too add my stone to the building and I create. My form of expression is writing.

(1st edition in French)
Reedition coming soon

My first book was published by Vérone in December 2021.

As an afro entrepreneur nurtured in African-American culture, and having devoted my life to the Hip-Hop spirit and its culture, I wanted to share my story with the world.


In this auto-biography, I present my journey as well as my encounter and my vision of Hip-Hop. Live with rhythm and poetry, my quest for identity, my return to my Africanness and discover my vision of the current world through this ode to the first global pop culture.


Let's inspire souls. Together.

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