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I am a consultant, an advisor and a coach for creative or impact project leaders.

After having founded several companies and developed several brands or artists, I decided to help other project leaders by sharing my vision and my experiences.

I have worked all my life in the creative industries (music, events, audiovisual, art, cooking, writing, media, etc.) and impact projects.


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With Love,

from G

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Serial Creative Entrepreneur, I develop projects in the cultural and creative industries or impact projects (Social impact, Environment, etc.).

Thanks to my artist and entrepreneur journey, I was able to evolve in France and international, create and running two businesses (production company and music tech start-up), developing brands, create a festival, start artistic and/or professional careers, launch a multitude of products and services, recruit, manage and train talent.


Alongside my main activities, I also had the opportunity to provide conferences in several countries, of each to the young professionals of tomorrow and publish a book.

I have known successes and failures that have greatly enriched me and who led me to where I am today; it seems, where I should be.




Personalized support. Unblocking your current problems.

Advising. Personal Dev. Executive Coaching.



In-depth, tailor-made consulting, with meeting(s) and actual work session(s).

Advice. Management. Execution. Follow up. Linking.



Intensive consulting and training in a framework conducive to reflection and development.


Advice. Coaching. Follow up. Linking. Personal Dev.


Creative Thinking - Brand audit and platform - Social Media Strategy - Brand launch - Development of a new activity - Website creation - Market penetration assistance for Tech products (ex: Green Tech, Music Tech, Food Tech) - Creation and Deployment of a commercial strategy - Launch of cultural products/services - Creation of an artist's strategy - Support for the creation of a business, organization or association for artistic projects - Media & PR Strategy - Management of event projects - Help with sclaing - Lead Acquisition - Coaching for a professional transition - Help with Export - Getting an E-Commerce activity off the ground - Marketing Strategy - Activation - Content Creation - Process Optimization - Automation - Key Customer Strategy - Personal Alignment - Executive Coaching - Production - Creative Production - Data Analysis - Reporting - Etc...

More services and solutions on request. 

(Conferences, keynotes, workshops, partnerships, etc.)

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

Paulo Coelho



With Love from G!


Tell me about your projects, your ambitions and your problems.

Thank you and see you soon,

With Love from G

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