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I help creative and committed entrepreneurs and artists to get to the Next Step and make rapid, healthy and sustainable growth thanks to a highly personalized guidance. 


I also assist public or private organizations in realizing their creative or impactful projects and achieving the best possible results through a proven track record of support, tools, and methodologies throughout my journey.



I work to solve their problems, enable them to achieve their goals and improve their performance and skills.

The accompaniment revolves mainly around the strategy, marketing, business development, growth hacking, project management and lean management.

I collect information and identifie problems and opportunities, which I share as recommendations and action plans. If necessary, I can also intervene at the operational level or pilot the operations before providing reports.

In parallel, I support project leaders on the way to their personal legend

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Marketing & branding

10+ years of expertise

I make an important focus on marketing and branding which are two key aspects of project success.


I help you in your way promote and sell your products or services while helping you to create a distinctive and consistent brand identity using strategies, tools and solutions in 360°.

Growth hacking & business development

7+ years of practice

How to stimulate rapid growth of your business, using effective and affordable means to attract new customers and increase your revenue ?


I help you identify and optimize the right growth levers.


How to create new opportunities long-term growth through strategic partnerships, a new customer approach or the creation of new products or services?


I help you analyze your activity and adjust your strategy thanks to a creative and innovative vision.

Structuring &
Lean Management

Starting from the bottom to managing teams and structures

Thanks to process and precise methods, I help you structure yourself to develop your project over the long term


The objective is to optimize the use of your resources (time, money, collaborators, etc.) and focus on the essentials.

Personal development

My human and spiritual values

Each person has a unique purpose and specific that gives a meaning to ones life. It's part of ones personal legend.

How to balance passion, usefulness, talent, vocation and welfare

A successful project is a project supported by a person in peace with oneself. This is why I strive to accompany you on this aspect as well, too often dissociated from the professional career. 


offers different services and different formulas 

in order to adapt to your needs and projects.

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Coaching & Advising


3-months coaching


A question ? Some answers.

A problem ? Solutions.

Feeling blue ? A support.


Full Support

Coaching & Advising


6-months full support

Same team, same goals


Audit & Strategies

Training & Workshops

Templates & Networking

Refocusing & Personal Dev.



Consulting & Coaching


On demand


Strategies & Operations

Training & Networking

Refocusing & Personal Dev.

Thomas Leveillé, Serial Entrepreneur

“I’m very happy with our relationship, already.
I am very satisfied with your skills and everything you bring to us. "
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